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TrackItNow Fleet Tracker

£199.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

Trackitnow fleet tracking

The Trackitnow vehicle tracking device provides affordable real-time tracking, location and fleet management direct to your mobile phone or PC.

This is a state of the art GPS tracking device, which offers a full range of tracking and location capabilities for fleet managers. The exclusive, user-friendly software solution - ERA - gives you total flexibility to remotely manage individual units, small or large fleets.

The unit is cost-effective, fully programmable and provides a real asset to companies with vehicles wishing to comply with duty of care legislation by generating quick, accurate and reliable reports.

It uses Trackitnow’s bespoke PC-based ERA Tracking Software for added security as well as being accessible via an encrypted web based portal. The software empowers the client with all the tools required to manage their fleet - from a single vehicle, up to a full fleet. It also has the ability to group multiple vehicles, provide detailed reports on vehicle usage, track and trace information and give detailed live and historical location information/reporting.

Main features include:
• Latest high detailed internet based mapping.
• Full satellite & aerial imagery.
• Secure login.
• Live location updates.
• Journey replays of multiple vehicles.
• Historical reporting.
• Scheduled reports straight to your email.
• Vehicle & asset grouping.
• User level grouping.
• Graphical reporting.
• Speed graphs.
• Driver working time graphs.
• Tailored reporting.
• Two way SMS mailbox.
• Geofence & landmark manager.
• software alerts.
• SMS alerts.
• Email alerts.


Free demo available (deposit required)

View example journey reports below...


Trackitnow ERA software client


Trackitnow ERA software client - with animation

Trackitnow Report


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