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Smartrack Protector With Key Protection DRS

£379.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

Smartrack Protector + Key Protection DRS

Ideal for all Cars, Caravans and Motorhomes 

All SmarTrack Vehicle Tracking devices are tested to Thatcham TQA standard. The devices operate using GPS, GPRS and GSM technology. Having an inbuilt battery back-up the device has the capability to work if the vehicle power supply is cut. The device has internal aerials and motion sensor as standard.

Subscription - Once the Subscription is purchased the device is then fully monitored by Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre. A Welcome Pack will be sent, which will contain your certification for your insurance, user manual and your emergency customer card.

Monitoring - Global Telemetrics SCC monitors your vehicle's status for you 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year! A member of staff will call you if your vehicle is illegally moved (without the vehicle ignition being used) and if the battery is disconnected. If your vehicle battery runs low you will receive a text message asking you to charge your battery.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System with online activation (SVRS):
This product has been designed and manufactured in the UK for SmarTrack and has been passed full e-mark and Thatcham TQA102 status. It is ideal for Cars, Caravans and Motorhomes applications. 

 How does Key Protector work?
 The hidden device within the vehicle will pick up the tag as soon as it enters  the vehicle. If the tag on your person is not detected the control centre will call  you to alert  you. This can also help against key theft and key cloning. 

Standard features:

• Guard and Recover as standard. 
• GPS/GSM technology for location & communication utilising internal aerials. 
• 24 Hours Secure Control Centre. 
• Thatcham Approved CAT 6.
(Thatcham Quality Assured). 
• Transferable from vehicle to vehicle. 
(by one of our SmarTrack approved engineers). 
• Motion sensor incorporated. 
(You are notified by telephone call if vehicle is moved without the ignition). 
• Battery Disconnect Warning. 
(You are notified by telephone call if vehicle battery is disconnected). 
• Low vehicle battery warning. 
(You are notified if vehicle battery runs low by text message). 
• On board internal rechargeable battery back up. 
• Unlimited European coverage.
• Key protection via driver id tags that the unit recognises on entry to vehicle.


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