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Trafficmaster Trackstar CAT5

£699.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product


Nationwide installation included

Trackstar CAT5 is a tracking device for vehicle theft detection and recovery. Trackstar CAT5 is also Thatcham Category 5 quality assured.

The device works by pairing a unique wireless tag to the tracking unit, and if the tag is not present, the system sends an alert as soon as your vehicle is driven off. When this happens, the monitoring centre will make an attempt to call the owner of the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle isn't stolen, and then track your vehicle when it has been confirmed that you have been a victim of auto theft.

When confirmed of the theft situation, the monitoring centre will also notify the police at the earliest opportunity.

The stolen vehicle’s engine can be prevented from starting by a remote command from the monitoring centre.

Key benefits:

  • Approved for fitment to all vehicles.
  • Activates automatically when you leave the car.
  • Detects if the car is towed away.
  • Detects if the vehicle battery is disconnected.
  • Detects attempts to tamper with the tracking device.
  • Low quiescent drain (compared to many competitor systems).
  • Pan-European service (with priority access to the police in more than 44 European countries).
  • Full conformance and electro-magnetic compatibility testing.
  • Recognized by insurance companies.
  • Trackstar Cat5 is accredited to Thatcham Category 5.

New Stolen Vehicle Tracking App for Android and IOS:

The Trackstar App provides Trackstar customers with powerful functions to complement the Trackstar tracking system, such as:

  • Vehicle Location –will show you the last known location of the vehicle, normally where the vehicle was parked, 
  • Geofencing–enables a Trackstar customer to define a location and receive an email alert if the vehicle is moved outside of the geofence.   
  • Journey History–provides a view of recent journeys. 
  • Journey Replay –allows the customer to replay a recent journey, showing the position of the vehicle and its speed for the duration of the journey.

The app is now available and is downloadable from iTunes and Google Playstore.

*App Registration
Once you have downloaded your App you will need to generate a device registration key to activate it. Go to the Eurowatch platform: https://secure.eurowatchcentral.com and login with the username and password issued to you when the tracking unit was first installed. From the Subscriber home page menu select the “Manage Mobile App” hyperlink. Then generate the activation key.  Enter the number of your mobile phone where you have installed the Trackstar App.  Click ‘Generate Key’ to generate new key.  The screen will update to show the new activation key, and a text message will also be sent to your mobile phone. 

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