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Sam Delahay - Judo Competition - Austria 2014

2014-11-18 11:45:27

Published on 2014-11-18 11:45:27

Sam Delahay - Judo Competition Results - Austria 2014

We are proud sponsors of Sam Delahay, former Judo Champion.

In early September 2014 Sam took part in a Judo competition in Scotland and won gold. This win meant Sam qualified for the British Police Judo Team, and he went on to compete in Austria against the Austrian Police and the Netherlands Police (among others) in November 2014.

Overall, the British Police team came 3rd in the competition.  

We caught up with Sam after the event, and he was feeling positive about the results; “I didn’t perform too badly but I think with some hard training I will be at a good enough level to compete in Germany in May 2015. Overall I learned a lot from the competitions this year, and will put what I have learnt into practice in the European Championships”.

We will be updating you on how Sam, and the British Police Judo Squad, fair in the European championships next year.


                 Above: Sam competed in the Commonwealth Games in

                  2002 and won silver in the men's U100kg category.




     Above: Sam won gold in the PSUK competition held in

                    Scotland in September 2014.

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