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Don’t be caught out in the crash for cash scheme

2016-03-14 12:36:26

Published on 2016-03-14 12:36:26

The Birmingham mail last week reported on a Mercedes owner who was involved in a £30,000 crash for cash scam. This is also known as Crash for Instant Cash, where by the fraudster demands a cash sum from the victim for not calling the insurance company.  This is all part of a national sting worth £400m a year, where organised criminals commit car crashes to cash in on the insurance money.

Crash for Cash scams are not a victimless crime. Honest car drivers pick up the bill from the fraud through increased premiums. Ask yourself this, would you give fraudsters £50 of your money each and every year?

What is a Crash for Cash scam?

·         1. The car in front of you slams on its brakes for no reason giving the victim no time to prevent a collision.

·         2. The fraudster will say that it’s the victim’s fault and gives them their name and address and the details of their insurance company.

·         3. Weeks later the victim receives a letter from the insurance company with a extortionate bill with claims for car hire, the recovery of the vehicle and even injuries to the passengers, in which none of the statements are true.

What can I do to prevent it?

Vehicle Accessories provides a range of dashboard cameras that captures the ongoing events happening in front of your vehicle. Our cameras from Silent Witness, BlackVue and Novus deliver HD quality picture, some with audio, GPS and even logging systems. We can also provide an installation service to help fit your new camera to your vehicle. Overall they don’t just protect you from fraudulent claims they also encourage safer driving all round.

So don’t be caught in the crash for cash scheme. Install a new dashboard camera into your vehicle and have the video evidence to fight back.

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