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Protect Yourself From Vehicle Theft

2014-09-19 13:24:59

Published on 2014-09-19 13:24:59

Protect yourself from vehicle theft

Vehicle theft has always been an issue in the UK and it would seem that thieves not only target ANYWHERE (2) they also target ANYONE. The number of rural thefts has increased in the last year by over 5% according to an article by smallholder.co.uk (1).

Vehicle Accessories can provide a number of solutions to help prevent and deter thieves from stealing your property:

Vehicle Tracking-

As well as being able to use trackers to check up on staff or individuals driving your car, tracking also enables you to find your car more easily if it's stolen. Another advantage is that tracking helps to make your insurance much cheaper.


Dashcams are useful, particularly those that record even when you are not in the car, because they help you to catch and identify the thief. A dashcam is especially useful as a deterrent to thieves and, of course, has use when dealing with false claims such as cash for crash. (Please see our article from last week about how to choose your dashcam).


There are a number of accessories that can help to keep your vehicle/ your valuables safe. TUFFBOXES are a new and exciting item that we have started to sell and they keep valuables, such as tools and electronics, safe from theft. TUFFBOXES come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Specially designed locks, such as the Armaplate Guardian, are also great deterrents and theft prevention tools.

Vehicle tracking- the facts:

Different types of vehicle tracking equipment exist depending on your company/individual needs. Whether it be PAYG, GPS or Fleet tracking that you need installed, at Vehicle Accessories we not only provide a variety of different trackers, we also install nationwide.

Here are a few of the different types of trackers:

Rural tracking(1): Scorpion Track Agriculture/SmarTrack Maxi - There has been a concern about the rise in the number of agricultural and rural thefts in the last few years and therefore farmers should protect their assets and invest in a Scorpion or SmarTrack Tracker that is specifically for rural vehicles. To find out more about these types of trackers click on the links.

Fleet tracking: Vehicle Accessories specialises in fleet tracking and install these trackers nationwide. If you/your company want to find out more about keeping a track on your staff and your vehicles please call us on 03332007244 or email sales@vehicle-accessories.net.

Insurance approved tracking: From motorcycles and sports cars, to vans and caravans, Vehicle Accessories provides a number of tracking devices from top brands that will not only help you keep tabs on your vehicle, but can help you to reduce insurance costs.

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Read this article (courtesy of virginmedia.com) about the car theft hotspots in the UK in 2013/2014. Virgin Media even suggests solutions to vehicle thefts (such as trackers), and Vehicle Accessories sell these solutions: (2)  http://www.virginmedia.com/motoring/features/car-theft-hotspots.php?ssid=2      



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