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What are the differences between the vehicle tracking categories?

2016-03-10 08:14:27

Published on 2016-03-10 08:14:27

Vehicle Accessories supplies a variety of auto tracking technology that is Thatcham approved. However, you may have been aware that each tracker comes with its own category; 5, 6 and 7. So what are the differences between these classifications?


Thatcham Category 5

This is the highest award given to a tracking device and is only given once it provides the highest level in security and recoverability. For a tracker to qualify it must have; remote immobilisation, a high level of police response, a security agreement, driver ID, motion sensors, street mapping and data position reporting.

Category 5 trackers are really popular amongst high value and high powered vehicles; however they can be fitted to any vehicle and are great for those who want the highest security for added reassurance.


Our range of category 5 includes:

·         Scorpion Category 5

·         Smartrack Category 5

·         Trafficmaster Trackstar


Thatcham Category 6

Thatcham category 6 carries many of the specifications of the category 5 - including position and street mapping. Some category 6 devices come with optional driver ID and or security agreements, however category 6 does not come with an immobiliser or level 1 police reply.

All of Vehicle Accessories category 6 trackers still provide excellent security and peace of mind. The technology will allow you track the vehicle from all over the UK and Europe.


Our range of Category 6 includes:

·         Smartrack Motorcycle Category 6

·         Smartrack Protector Global Category 6

·         Tracker Locate Motorhome Category 6

·         Tracker Locate Stolen Vehicle Tracking Category 6

·         Trafficmaster Trackstar Category 6

·         Scorpion Vehicle Tracking Category 6


Thatcham Category 7

Thatcham accredited category 7 trackers provide an excellent level of security and tracking ability, however do not meet the full specification as the higher levels of 5 and 6. The trackers still have an excellent selection of features that you would find on advanced models and are a cost effective option for drivers on a budget.


Our range of Category 7 includes:

·         Tracker Monitor

·         Tracker Retrieve BP



PAYG Trackers

Vehicle Accessories also offers a variety of Back2You PAYG personal and fleet trackers that provide very little or no monthly subscription fees. They are a cost effective option to personal tracking that requires charging every 60-90 days. An excellent budget choice for a customer that doesn’t require the tracker to be used continuously, or for those wishing to be as discreet as possible.


Our range of PAYG trackers includes:

·         Back2You PAYG personal tracking


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