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Don’t leave your keys lying around…

2016-10-13 08:33:14

Published on 2016-10-13 08:33:14

How many times have we heard this from those enforcing the law? Maybe they should listen to their own advice! Last Friday evening a 200-mile, speed chase took place in Cornwall after thieves stole a police car from their local station.

The theft was made easy for the opportunists as the vehicle keys were left lying around in the station in Camelford, Cornwall for all to see. The car was spotted heading East on the M4 and the high speed, dangerous chase began. Officers were forced to burst the tyres on the stolen vehicle as they saw no other way of stopping the chase. 

Police took to social media to reveal the images of the damaged car after it was recovered. They wanted to show the dangers involved in ‘practical jokes’ such as this one. Luckily no one was seriously harmed in this incident.

The pair were arrested on the spot and remain in custody. From now on I think the keys will be locked up in the station! This reiterates the importance of never leaving your keys on show. If people see an opportunity it is very rare that they won’t take it. 

Fleet tracking is a great way to keep track of your vehicles when they are in the care of other people.

We highly recommend the Track it Now system. 

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