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Mobile Carkit Solutions stock a wide range of other vehicle accessories like hands free car kits, sat navs, audio, laser parking devices, security and fleet tracking units. www.mobilecarkitsolutions.co.uk or call 0845 844 2222 
All our prices include onsite nationwide installation at a convenient time and location.Please quote Bristol Man
PARROT CK3100 most popular carkit - tried and tested 4 £179 inc vat, fitting + sot lead  The Parrot CK3100 is a Bluetooth hands-free kit with an LCD screen. Not only does it display your phone’s information (call records, network signal, etc.), but also your phonebook: the kit automatically synchronises all your contacts. Combined with built-in voice recognition, the Parrot CK3100 reproduces phone conversations over the vehicle’s speakers in top quality and mutes the car stereo when you answer a call. 

The ideal in-car communication tool
LASER ELITE fitted inc vat £299

Avoid fines and points on your licence by fitting a Laser elite parking sensor that interferes with mobile speed guns The most sophisticated laser technology is constantly protecting you, every time you drive. The NEW Laser Elite Series are parking sensors that have the advantage of making laser traps unable to get a speed reading on any car that has one fitted. The units are supplied with a single laser sensor which is fitted to the front of the vehicle. A rear sensor can be added if required 

The NEW Laser Elite Series are not sold or packaged as ‘laser jammers’. The handbook clearly shows that they are operational devices used for parking and that they operate on the same, licence free wavelength of 904 nm as do many other devices. Obviously some naughty people use them as a way of defeating laser guns 
FLEET TRACKING 3 from £299 plus 

The quick and easy solution to total fleet management an ideal solution for managing your vehicles: 
• Monitor late and early arrivals and departures • Reduce excess miles• Reduce fuel costs • Prevent theft and assist in the location of stolen vehicles and goods• Reduce communication costs • Improve customer service - identify closest vehicle to jobs • Provide estimated times for deliveries • Control overtime costs • Manage personal usage to help reduce vehicle tax • Instant analysis of KPI’s • Immediate notification of missed appointments • Monitor personal usage to help reduce vehicle tax • Geofencing identifies any potential charges for entering congestion zones or entrance/exit of other ‘hot-spots’ • Analyse journey history for better route planning • Reduce speeding fines - mapping data offers a profile of a driver’s behaviour enabling action to be taken accordingly  

MKi9000 ENTRY LEVEL AUDIO BLUETOOTH CARKIT £189 inc vat and fitting4 Leading-edge Bluetooth hands-free systems. The Parrot MKi9000 is a Bluetooth hands-free system that blends in seamlessly inside any vehicle. A wireless remote control that can be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and provides control over all the functions of the MKi9000. In addition to delivering high telephony performance, the MKi9000 is also gifted for music with an iPod®/iPhones connector, USB port, Bluetooth Stereo receiver and line-in input. The system comes with a double external microphone for top-quality conversations. 
MKi9200 4 same as mki9000 but with colour screen £249 inc vat and fitting The Parrot MKi9200 is a Bluetooth hands-free system with the same high spec as the MKi9000 but comes with a high definition TFT colour screen with an SD slot in the rear 

NOKIA CK200 NEW FROM NOKIA allows 2x phones to pair seamlessly £179 inc vat and fitting Connect with work and home on the road Connect simultaneously to both your personal and business phones in the car. Switch between them easily with a single click and stay organised and up-to-date. enjoyable in-car conversations Connect to two phones for a seamless in-car communications experience. Switch between private and business phones easily and safely with a single button and enjoy the DSP-enhanced audio quality. wireless remote control Take calls and keep your hands on the wheel with the wireless remote control and see who’s calling on the clear, detachable display. You can even read received SMS messages on the car kit display.* stylish design fits your car perfectly The detachable 2.5" display is clear and easy to read. With adjustable RGB backlight colours you can set it the way you like and even match it to your car’s colour.
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